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Consular Services

The Embassy provides the following consular services:

Consular Services

Service Charge: Q. 15.00 (+ Type of Consular Service)

Consular Services Fees(Q.)
Emergency Certificate 116
Certificate of Identity 386
Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) or any other miscellaneous certificate based on the Passport 193
Death Certificate Gratis
Cancellation of Indian passport of an Indian national who dies abroad Gratis
Attestation of Civil Documents 77
Attestation of Documents for Exports 386
Attestation of pension papers, life certificate, etc. pertaining to pensioners Gratis
Certificate of transfer of Ashes 309

Please click here for the application form.

Conditions for issue of Non-Resident Indian’s (NRI) Certificate:

Submission of an affidavit/declaration that the applicant has stayed abroad for more than 182 days (copies of passport entry and exit)
Fee: Q. 193.00