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The Government of India is inviting applications for the 63rd, 64th and 65th Know India Programmes (KIP).  The calendar for the Know India Programmes is available at the portal https://kip.gov.in/.

Know India Programme is an engagement programme for Diaspora youth (18-30 years of age) of Indian origin from all over the world excluding NRIs to introduce them to India and promote awareness about different facets of Indian life, our cultural heritage, art & various aspects of contemporary India.  This programme is open to the youth of Indian origin (excluding non-resident Indians)

Interested participants can apply for the program at the Know India Programme portal https://kip.gov.in/.

The details and last date of registration for applying for Know India Programme are as under :



Last date of Registration

63rd Know India Programme

22 Dec 2022 to  11 Jan 2023

02 Dec 2022

64th Know India Programme

03 Jan 2023 to  24 Jan 2023

02 Dec 2022

65th Know India Programme

05 Feb 2023 to  25 Feb 2023

12 Jan 2022